Insights API

If you want to leverage the actual meaning of content in your application, you need OpenAmplify. OpenAmplify is the most advanced NLP text analysis engine currently available, processing content submitted to the API in milliseconds to deliver a comprehensive range of analysis 'Signals' in a rich XML schema. OpenAmplify delivers so much more than just sentiment analysis: the Insights API presents the entire meaning of the text as XML and is the only API that can deliver you:

  • The topics and entities being discussed
  • Domains, categories and classifications
  • Sentiment: at both the topic and whole text level
  • Actions: what is happening
  • Intent: what the author is planning
  • Decisiveness: how sure the author is about the actions
  • Emotions: the passion the author has for the topics being discussed
  • Topic Descriptions: those terms that drive the sentiment scoring


Easy to Integrate and Free to Try

OpenAmplify packs 20 years of Natural Language Processing research, 15 granted patents and 7 years of proven commercial application into a platform that is fast, stable and highly scalable. The platform supports many output formats including XML and JSON and can process hundreds of millions of requests per day.

We have designed the Insights API to be simple to use, and over 7,000 developers are currently using our API in their applications. But don't take our word for it - just join the OpenAmplify Community, grab yourself an API key and start Amp’ing! Or, if you are a solutions provider with a big idea, feel free to get in touch with us.


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